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PHP DB Form Creator

PHP DB Form Creator is a set of PHP scripts to help manage a HTML form to administer data in MySQL and PostgreSQL. It features easy management, customization, easy drop-down lists, filters, images, regular expressions, and more.


RSS Recent releases

  •  27 Feb 2004 17:33

Release Notes: This release adds support for modules like login, database, etc.

  •  18 Nov 2002 00:34

Release Notes: There is a new get_string function for getting the output of phpdbform for every field. The htmlspecialchars function is used now. There is a theme engine, a login system, and several fixes. The image field is back. The report now knows when it ends (which avoids crashing htDig).

  •  25 Aug 2002 15:01

Release Notes: Issues when magic_quotes_gpc = on have been fixed. You can now force max length, and the max length can be calculated automatically. draw_header and draw_footer have been created for Javascript support. There are some other fixes, and an initial version of phpDBform Report Creator.

Release Notes: This release adds a filter and an option for key/value for static_listbox and static_radiobox.

Release Notes: Support for events just before insert, update, or delete, and some bugfixes.


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