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phpDateTime provides classes for Date, Time, Datetime, and Timespan, with handling, formating, converting, and calculating, using ISO, DIN, AMI, UK, Unix-Timestamp, MySQL-DateTime, and MySQL-Timestamp.

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  •  21 Apr 2005 09:07

Release Notes: A parameter from Date::getAsDin() was replaced, resulting in an incompatible change in the API. Several bugs were fixed in all classes and documentation. DateTime::getAsTs(), Timespan::getAsString(), and Timespan::getAsSeconds() were added. Date::getAsDin(), Date::getAsAmi(), and Date::getAsTs() were made statically callable.

  •  02 Mar 2005 06:14

Release Notes: Many fixes were made in all four classes. The Timespan class was finished, and now supports hours, minutes, and seconds. Many methods are now static. New methods include Date::getLastWeek(), Date::getNextWeek(), Date::getWeekYear(), Date::setFromUnixTimestamp(), Date::getDayNameAbbr(), Date::getWeekDate(), Date::getStartOfWeek(), Date::getEndOfWeek(), Date::getNextDay(), and Date::getPrevDay(). Source documentation was added.

  •  26 May 2004 05:11

Release Notes: Some missing public and protected keywords were added. In Time.class.php akk Time::get*() and Time::is*() calls were made static. MySQL Timestamp detection was fixed in DateTime::set().

  •  25 May 2004 10:30

Release Notes: In Time.class.php, the 'public' keyword was removed.

  •  25 May 2004 10:29

Release Notes: In Time.class.php, Time::get*() and Time::is*() were made static. In Date.class.php, a clone statement was removed and MySQL-Timestamp-detection was fixed in DateTime::set().


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