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PhpCompta is an accounting application. It is Web based and follows Belgian and French accountancy systems, but can be adapted to others. This application is able to handle the accounting for several small and medium-sized companies, and can create invoices or reports with OASIS or RTF templates. It can also manage analytic accountancy and follow-up of customers and suppliers. A plugin system is provided.


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Version 5.2 07 Aug 2010

The interface, the documentation and add many new features for the card management, balance, document generation... have been seriously improved

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  •  25 Jan 2014 06:35

    Release Notes: This is the final version of PhpCompta - in future it will be called NOALYSS because the PHP team prefers that PHP is not included in the name of PHP applications, and the program is no longer limited to accountancy.

    •  31 Dec 2013 03:29

      Release Notes: This is the final release of PhpCompta - future releases will be under a different name.

      •  19 Nov 2007 08:31

      Release Notes: A module for analytic accountancy and a lot of improvements were added.

      Release Notes: A CRM system was added.


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      A microcontroller assembler.


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      A mutt patch that adds a sidebar showing all mail folders.