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  •  22 Nov 2004 10:55

Release Notes: This release has new German and English demos. An item delimiter '.BETWEEN' is now supported in TOC and MENU. There are configurable delimiters in menu and tag files, new phpCMS logos, and many (non-security-related) bugfixes. HTTPS and FTP links also work in non-stealth mode.

  •  27 Jul 2001 17:16

Release Notes: New counted searchresults, the ability to turn resultpages, tags for searchterms, and user-generated limitations for searchresults. The force-no-vary bug was also fixed.

  •  01 May 2001 10:52

Release Notes: The menuclass in content-files is now optional. $GLOBAL_HOME now affects the whole server. You can now include Templates and Subtemplates via HTTP. A bug in menutemplate was fixed. A bug in session-class was fixed. A form-bug in non-stealth-mode was fixed. Scripts and plugins now use relative paths.

  •  29 Apr 2001 13:04

Release Notes: Many bugfixes were made. The header() function in PHP4 is now supported. A session-class for phpCMS plugins was added. User and group classes for plugins were added.


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