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23 Mar 2002 06:52 kansok

Preview of version 2 released

First release of phPayV2 is out. Some
features are not implemented yet (view
Readme.txt comes with archiv), but it works so

In middle of april final release is planned.

Great features and new database-structure are
the most important changes from older

26 Feb 2002 14:38 kansok

Search function released.
Searchs in name and shortdescription for items
and lists results like the normal main.php.
To install extract the archiv search.tar.gz and
replace nav.php and add search.php.

18 Feb 2002 19:54 kansok

Two main.php for different itemviews released
Please visit sourceforge for download an details.

04 Feb 2002 19:44 kansok

2 little bugs ...
... are known in phpay1.05:
- detail.php: size-view won't work in same

- image-upload won't work in item admintools

Both is fixed. Please visit support section of
phpay under sourceforge <a

28 Dec 2001 05:52 kansok

Currency calculator released
It's a very small file, that opened in a new small window to convert one currency into an other.
You can used rechner.php as standalone or integrated in phpay. To integrate, extract it into your phpay folder.
The archiv replaces nav.php and Also there two new lines in lang/en.php and lang/

You can also use it via . Add this link to your website.
Useable parameters: lang=[de|en]

16 Dec 2001 16:38 kansok

Admin-tool released
First version of admin-tools released. It's not
perfect yet, but a good begin.
The archiv contents also an complete phPay
1.04 an one doc-file.It works only with
table-structure of 1.04.
Please visit sourceforge or homepage for
download and details.

15 Dec 2001 22:39 kansok

V1.04 released
Please visit <a
for more details.

- full multi-language-support

- first steps of doc and setup

- lot's of new options

- some bugfixes

12 Dec 2001 17:04 kansok

Security-patch released
Please visit
for download and infos.

29 Nov 2001 18:09 kansok

Please send feedback
There was some heavy bugs in version 1.02, but
nobody told me.
It will be nice to hear something from users and
testers about my project.


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