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phpAdsNew is an advertisement server with an integrated banner management interface and a tracking system for gathering statistics. It allows paid banners to be easily rotated along with your own in-house advertisements, and can even integrate banners from third party advertising companies.


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  •  02 Oct 2003 03:38

Release Notes: Numerous changes were made.

  •  03 Apr 2003 06:08

Release Notes: All versions of phpAdsNew 2 released since March 2002 have a security vulnerability. phpAdsNew 2 RC 3 is not affected by this problem. All users of phpAdsNew are advised to upgrade to this version immediately. Users who do not want to upgrade can make their installation secure by deleting the adxmlrpc.php file from the phpAdsNew directory, which will deactivate the Remote invocation for XML-RPC functionality completely.

  •  06 Jan 2003 13:42

Release Notes: There are many bugfixes and some new features, such as support for geotargeting, support for text ads, rewritten delivery cache with files and shared memory support, and better compatibility.

  •  14 Aug 2002 08:11

    Release Notes: A new installer, many optimizations, new documentation, support for multiple publishers, a priority system, and full support for Flash files.

    No changes have been submitted for this release.

    RSS Recent comments

    19 Nov 2005 13:30 crmmaster

    PHPAdsNew Rocks
    This is the best piece of open source software I have ever used. A must have for webmasters looking to test different ads across any number of sites.

    25 Nov 2004 06:47 di11rod Thumbs up

    unbelievably polished web app
    This is an amazingly professional open source web application. If this were properly promoted, it would put all the ad management software companies out of business. It is feature-rich, versatile, and powerful. I'd say it's the most impressive open source web application I've used to date. I am using it on my website to run banner ads for non-profit organizations on my website. Two of them are for missing teenagers. One is for a local animal rescue organization.

    10 Sep 2002 03:20 guo9310

    a bug about client history report
    It always show unknow user in csv file when generate the client report.

    at 142 line
    It should be
    phpAds_getClientName ($clientid)
    not $campaignid

    31 Aug 2002 08:05 eych Thumbs up

    Interface is unbelievable!
    I just couldn't believe my eyes when i saw the interface. I never suspected that such a beautiful interface exists for any web app, especially for the one that is distributed completely free.

    Documention layout is also great and it is very detailed.

    If they asked money for it, i would pay without a doubt.

    05 May 2002 19:41 4mille

    am I wrong or is there a lil bug... the "add banner" section, i cannot find any
    Submit-buttons on my IE 5.1 on Mac to add my
    banners... So I cannot add a banner.
    May there be a bugfix 4 it?


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