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PHP Server Monitor

PHP Server Monitor is a script that checks whether the servers/Websites on your list are running. Each server has its own notification settings. Notifications are made via email or text messages. Using the Web-based interface, you can add servers and manage users for each server.

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Shipping soon: v2.2 15 Mar 2014

Hi guys,

So we are not too far away from publishing a new release, which is, considering the past (averaging 1 release every 3 years), quite an ...

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  •  13 Apr 2014 00:12

Release Notes: The minimum PHP version is now 5.3.7 (not 5.3.0). The server order on the users page now matches the order on servers page. The warning threshold is ignored for the notification trigger. Chinese, Italian, and Spanish translations have been added. Sphinx is now used for documentation.

  •  07 Apr 2014 02:24

Release Notes: Adds a user login system with 2 user levels (administrator and regular user). Adds history graphs of server uptime and latency. Adds a warning threshold option (set the number of failed checks before the server goes offline). Adds SMTP support. Adds a Bulgarian language file. The status page is now the default homepage. Date and time formats are taken from a language file and localized per language. String/pattern search on Web sites did not work for sites with compression turned on. Improved mobile compatibility.

  •  09 Feb 2014 18:05

Release Notes: Merges the PHP Server Monitor Plus project (the Twitter Bootstrap layout). In addition to HTTP status code check, regular expression search has been added to check for certain content on a Web site. New SMS providers: Mosms and Textmarketer. New languages: Korean and Portuguese/Brazilian. A large status page. Cron jobs will be prevented from running multiple times (with a 10 minute timeout). A new install module.

  •  01 Nov 2011 21:03

Release Notes: This release adds German and French language files. Servers page: auto refresh can be configured at the config page; if the server is a Web site, the "Domain/Ip" field will be a link to the Web site. New text message gateway: If cURL is not installed, the install.php script will throw an error. HTTP status codes 5xx will also be treated as errors.

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