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26 Sep 2004 05:43 arraffaele

Similar to Webmatic the new WCE
It's interesting to compare php-nuke to this new Web Content Editor (Webmatic (, I think there is some similar positive aspect in the two PHP and MySQL scripts.

08 Jun 2003 18:51 mr_skot

Is there a forum somewhere where I can get help
I've read the docs and search the web (google is a little to big) and I'm just looking for a forum where I can ask a few simple questions. Can someone throw me a bone? Otherwise - KILLER CMS! I love it!

15 Feb 2002 10:01 kahe

If the site is running the new version then the new version is seriously broken. Wait for for a new version to be released or switch to some other system.

14 Aug 2001 14:33 jcheuvront

Very Buggy
Don't get me wrong, I love nuke and have several sites running 5.0.1 but I upgraded to 5.1 and thats when it all fell apart.
This version is VERY Buggy, to start I have to fix the upgrade script, then the banners file, oh yea the add comment button doesn't work, and the admin/prefrences erases your config when you try to update it.
This is just what I've come across so far.

If your going to release a new version please make sure it works.

17 Apr 2001 15:47 austad

Re: PHP Nuke
I used to run PHPNuke 4.3, but due to the author being
completely unconcerned about security, and MANY exploits
available for it, I stopped using it. Unless these problems are
fixed in 5.0, which I doubt they are, I would advise anyone
interested in running it to be well versed in PHP and secure
coding and go through the code with a fine tooth comb. It's a
good product, but security-wise it's got more holes than a
dealer in a columbian coke deal gone bad.

10 Mar 2001 01:16 rubin

PHP Nuke

It should be noted that the author has been
quoted as unconserned about some very important
security issues. (such as the ability to view any
file on a system the webserver has rights to)

None should assume that the stock phpnuke
installation is secure.

For example: <a
responce to security vulnerability

05 Dec 2000 17:13 squisher

Another 4.3 Mirror
I had a lot of troube downloading the 4.3 release so I set up another mirror. Go to
for downloading. Thanks to ananke for setting up the first mirror!

05 Dec 2000 15:34 ananke

4.3 version
well, the new php nuke is out. you can see it running at ( if you need a mirror to download it, try ( [this version has couple typos corrected]. new features include multi-tier admins [you can specify different access for different admins], lots of small features added, and more.

04 Oct 2000 20:11 ananke

PHP Nuke
A very well designed package. Works right off the bat, simply add the sql database and edit config.php. Administration can be done by anybody with the basic knowledge of HTML [i think it's optional]. Only thing missing is a user level somewhere between the administrator and regular user [basically a user type that allowes only for approving/editing/posting new stories]. Here is a site I set up with php nuke: (


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