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php-msrpc is a PHP binding for MSRPC, which is Microsoft's proprietary protocol for managing Windows servers and the like. It uses the libraries provided by the Samba-TNG project, which is required for use. php-msrpc will enable you to write Web-based administration tools for Windows (such as a user manager) with a Web server running under Linux.

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Release Notes: This release contains the new commands msrpc_registry_key_getlist(), msrpc_registry_key_create(), msrpc_registry_key_delete(), msrpc_registry_value_get(), msrpc_registry_value_create(), and msrpc_registry_value_delete().

Release Notes: New commands msrpc_user_enum(), msrpc_user_create(), msrpc_user_modify(), msrpc_user_delete(), msrpc_shutdown(), and msrpc_shutdown_abort().

Release Notes: This release adds the new commands msrpc_disconnect(), msrpc_service_stop(), and msrpc_service_start(). There are also PHP module fixes, general cleanups, and an included command list.

No changes have been submitted for this release.


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