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PHP Debug

PHP Debug is single API for tracing PHP applications. With a single file of only 200 lines, you can add, with minimal impact, diagnostics to be displayed upon program termination. Each diagnostic contains file, function, and caller function information. You just need to include the debug.php file and add debug() calls throughout your code in the same way as var_dump(). The diagnostic messages are stored and displayed in a list. Diagnostics can be disabled and controlled. It's small and simple yet very versatile.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  12 Jun 2014 23:45

    Release Notes: Added a version of the API that is one quarter the size (120 lines).

    •  18 Feb 2014 00:05

      Release Notes: This release adds a configurable display global data function; adds some extra and optional functionality; renames an option to eliminate a name collision; and rewrites and further detailed the documentation.

      •  09 Feb 2014 17:32

        Release Notes: This release includes several new features, a few more options, support for options set by defines, and rewritten documentation. (And it is still really, really small.)

        Recent comments

        19 Feb 2014 00:59 andova_begarin

        Just submitted direct download link.

        19 Feb 2014 00:49 andova_begarin

        Please... If you read this... since the last release about 24 hours ago, dozens of people have viewed this page and clicked through to the homepage,

        but no one is downloading... If that is you too could you comment why.

        Thank You

        18 Feb 2014 00:16 andova_begarin

        Oh, yeah... The reason why I didn't provide a direct link to the archive for downloading was that some bots, like sosospider and baidu, were excessively directly downloading my other Freecode linked archives. This seems to have abated though so I may update the download link soon.


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