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  •  27 Sep 2008 20:47

Release Notes: This release rolls up all minor bugfixes to date. The most serious bug broke photo editing when not using memcached. Deleting various equipment types was also broken.

  •  26 Apr 2008 18:14

Release Notes: Photo rotation, date parsing, IPTC code ignoring sub-locations, and a few other minor bugs were fixed.

  •  20 Feb 2008 21:38

Release Notes: Several cosmetic and HTML validation bugs were fixed. On imports, the specified location was being clobbered, RAW file metadata wasn't being transferred properly, and some cameras' non-numeric ISO values were failing. The photo rating and version manipulation pages had some errors, and the formatting of the installer was changed to be more legible.

  •  27 Jan 2008 06:50

Release Notes: This should be the final release candidate for 2.35. It contains many fixes and enhancements to the "client user" feature set. Image regeneration has been fixed. The installer now properly tests for the PHP-XML extension. A long-standing bug relating to importing files with quotes in their names was fixed. A permission bug that meant client users could access images that only other clients were meant to see was fixed.

  •  12 Jan 2008 23:45

Release Notes: Searches were fixed to work when more than one keyword is used. Several other minor bugfixes and translation updates were made.

  •  30 Nov 2007 10:58

Release Notes: This release fixes several bugs. Installations on some PostgreSQL 8.0 systems were failing, and the test to limit repository volume sizes was incorrect, causing volumes to grow without bound.

  •  23 Nov 2007 15:59

Release Notes: A pile of relatively minor bugfixes, including some installer bugs, and problems relating to various versions of PHP handling symlinks differently.

  •  20 Aug 2007 19:14

Release Notes: This release adds many minor bugfixes since -rc3, mostly relating to the localization framework and non-core features. This will hopefully be the final release candidate.

  •  11 Aug 2007 15:47

Release Notes: This bugfix release will be the final release of the old stable branch. Several import-related bugs have been fixed, and a problem deleting users via the admin interface has also been resolved.

  •  06 Aug 2007 03:27

Release Notes: Many bugs were fixed, the most serious of which was one that caused the graphical checkboxes to misbehave.


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