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PhotoFrame is a PHP4 script that automatically creates a clean Web interface (using frames) from a directory full of JPEG, PNG and GIF images. It creates thumbnails automatically and will use JPEG comments if it finds them. 20 languages are supported, and images, captions, and comments can all be administered via the Web. No database or metafiles are needed.


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  •  06 Aug 2002 16:56

    Release Notes: As admin, you can now update image captions via the Web, as well as moderate user comments before they are made public and upload up to 99 new image files at a time. Several new translations have been added (a total of 22 languages are supported).

    •  19 Jun 2002 00:02

    Release Notes: An admin mode was added that allows an authenticated user to upload new images to the album (via a Web browser), and delete photos and comments online. Some other minor improvements and some new translations were added.

    •  18 Apr 2002 01:59

    Release Notes: Photoframe has fixes and options that help it work in a wider variety of PHP environments (e.g. register_globals turned off, different versions of graphic libraries, etc). New features include support for weird filenames, dated filenames (yyyymmdd-blah.jpg), and improved formatting. Eight more languages were added.

    •  03 Feb 2002 06:04

    Release Notes: Stylesheet support is improved in this release. Large images can be automatically scaled down (useful for today's large digital photo sizes). More languages have been added (now supports de, en, es, fr, it, nl, ru, and se). There are also quite a few tweaks and bugfixes.

    •  18 Jan 2002 00:46

    Release Notes: This release has improved formatting and consistency on different browsers, and includes support for multiple languages, notification by email when comments are added to photos, and a choice of page formats. There are also a number of small bugfixes.

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    05 Nov 2002 10:02 Pyjamas Thumbs up

    Re: martin's photo frame
    This script rocks. It is so simple to use and maintain. All the jocks who charge like raging bulls for crappy scripts should take a leaf out of this guy's book...

    29 Dec 2001 16:07 junkbiz

    martin's photo frame
    Excellent script. simplest to set up, maintain, and run. First time script is run it takes a sec to generate thumbnails, but after that works fast.
    thanks, the new version is even more versatile.


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