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  •  01 Sep 2008 20:17

Release Notes: A simple WYSIWYG CD cover editor has been added. CD text data or custom text, as well as user-defined background colors or images, can be put on single- or double-sided "booklets" and jewel case inlays and be sent directly to the printer or stored in a Postscript file.

  •  20 Oct 2006 04:50

Release Notes: An interface to the Freedb2 CD database was added. CD-text data can now be gained by a freedb2 query for an artist and/or album title.

  •  03 Oct 2006 09:35

Release Notes: Basic CD text editing capabilities have been added. The font PhonoRipper uses is now user configurable. Basic signal handling was added, so at least signals 2, 3, and 15 will be handled gracefully.

  •  09 Nov 2004 10:42

Release Notes: A built in HTML help browser has been added and a few GUI improvements were made.

  •  15 Jul 2004 06:42

Release Notes: Phonoripper can now draw a graphical representation of sound file data, which makes the splitting of large recorded files into several tracks very comfortable. Automatic track detection was also improved, and it seems to provide quite usable results now.


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