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Release Notes: This release implements new WLAN information items. It has enhanced support for S60 5th edition touch screen devices. It adds new phone models to correctly distinguish between ARM11, ARM9, and ARM4 CPUs. It fixes a scrollbar flickering problem. There are memory improvements.

Release Notes: This release adds a "Camera" tab for various camera information (e.g. hardware and software version and optical and digital zoom). Network access technology and CDMA network band information have been implemented. There are memory usage improvements.

Release Notes: Memory card CID register information was implemented. This information includes WLAN name, IP address, net mask, broadcast address, default gateway, primary and secondary name server, MTU and speed information. New phone models were added to the CPU ABI type, CPU speed, and CPU architecture programming routines to correctly distinguish between ARM11 and ARM4 CPUs. The "Reboot device" option was added. A Nokia N80 SysUtil API bug was fixed.

Release Notes: Battery, SIM card/lock, and IrDA status information has been added to the General tab. Network mode and GPRS availability/status information has been added to the Network tab. The WLAN/BT tab has WLAN and bluetooth MAC, WLAN status info, bluetooth device class, device name, device counter, and scan status information. Nokia N82 has been added to the CPU type list in the HAL tab. This release adds an "About" dialog and "WLAN/BT" tab, and fixes random screen shifts in all tabs.


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