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Release Notes: There have been problems when the PHP extension mysqli is not available. Additionally, minor issues with file permissions and the installer have been fixed.

Release Notes: This is a round up release, fixing many issues found in the previous betas and adding many new things. Additionally, the code was cleaned up massively, many aspects of the platform were improved in general, and one of the old themes was transferred to the new platform.

Release Notes: As of this build, the calendar and the file manager are included in the core of the application and are no longer liable for costs.

  •  01 Mar 2008 18:23

Release Notes: The last build has been missing one important updated file, which leads to problems with the stored email accounts. This has been fixed in this release.

Release Notes: This build adds options to the mail account editors of users and admins to disable the use of TLS for POP3 and SMTP. Mail parsing was improved, especially regarding inline or otherwise attached emails.

  •  16 Feb 2008 16:15

Release Notes: The faster folder index check for IMAP folders was backported from phlyMail 4. This increases the indexing speed by a factor 30 or more. If GZip is active in the front end, all AJAX calls now get compressed too. This should generally increase the front end's speed. A fix was made in the SMTP class, which is now much more compliant to standards. TLS is supported in the SMTP layer. There is experimental support for AUTH CRAM-SHA1 and AUTH CRAM-SHA256 in the POP3 and SMTP layers. Handling of inline emails was improved.

Release Notes: Various small bugs were fixed. The ability to import and export Outlook holiday files was added, and holidays are marked accordingly in the calendar. Vast speed improvements were made on checking the local cache against IMAP folders. On large folders, this can be 30 times faster or more. AJAX communication between the frontend and server was made faster.

Release Notes: There were still problems when converting an old 3 installation into the new beta. A bug that destroyed all settings files written by phlyMail itself has been fixed.

Release Notes: This build fixes some minor issues when updating from version 3 to the beta of version 4.

Release Notes: There was a bug in the previous build which prevented a fresh installation due to wrongly stored MySQL access data.


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