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Release Notes: This build fixes a few issues with the timer for automated mail checking in the frontend and adds better handling of wrongly encoded emails.

Release Notes: This build fixes issues with automatic mail checking and adds experimental support for IMAP flags $label1 - $label14 when setting a color mark. Additionally, the Config interface now allows session IDs with up to 6 bits per character.

Release Notes: When answering email, the reply can be stored in the folder of the original message. Filtering rules are now obeyed when opening an IMAP folder. Some mail operations like setting status or color are handled more quickly.

Release Notes: This build fixes issues with the import/export of contacts in CSV format, incorporates a workaround for an incompatibility with MySQL < 4.1.2, and makes a few cosmetic changes to the CSS.

Release Notes: This build improves iCal export, the IMAP layer, and address book exports, and fixes a few minor issues in usability.

  •  01 Sep 2009 12:53

    Release Notes: A few minor glitches have been fixed. Birthdays of contacts can now be stored without the year part. CC:, and BCC: fields stored in Drafts are now displayed correctly.

    Release Notes: This build enables the MySQLi driver to accept an alternative port or socket. A few minor things have been fixed.

    Release Notes: Some minor oddities with global contacts have been fixed. The mail composition window was cleaned up a little.

    Release Notes: This build adds a few improvements to the IMAP layer, fixes a few issues with the frontend (namely the size of the mail compose and the edit contact windows), and finally allows you to enable or disable the ability for users to configure their mail accounts and the application preferences again.

    Release Notes: A few minor issues were fixed. This build adds the capability to send vCard (.vcf) files to the address book, either from a mail message recevied or from the file manager. Additionally, calendars may be included in external programs like Mozilla Sunbird or any other program that can read ICS files form external sources.


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