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Release Notes: Support for the iCal flag TRANSPARENT / OPAQUE. A smiley selector when composing email/SMS. A themes compatibility check to disable incompatible themes. An option to check for new updates on login. Fixes for a few minor bugs.

Release Notes: This is the final release of phlyMail 4. There were no more bugs since the RC1, only some cosmetic changes.

Release Notes: Very minor bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: There have been numerous bugfixes and some minor feature improvements, e.g. a better display of unread items in collapsed folders.

Release Notes: Some typographical errors in the calendar DB driver, a wrongly constructed query to get the latest mails for the pinboard, and a problem updating through the AutoUpdater were fixed. Additionally, the French translation has been partially updated.

Release Notes: This build fixes issues with deleting bookmarks, reordering the accounts list, assignment of VTODO status, and some other minor glitches.

Release Notes: This build fixes the bugs found in the previous beta build.

Release Notes: This is the first beta release of phlyMail 4. Some of the new features include events with attendees, tasks, calendar list view, calendar search, a pin board, improved user interface, bounce mails, a new HTML editor, improved groupware functionality, and many more. This build should not be used in a production environment.

Release Notes: This build fixes an issue with the text format parser and adds a field for the external email address of a user.

Release Notes: This build fixes issues with storing copies of sent HTML mail in IMAP folders and with the display of global contacts. It adds rendering of text mail with *bold*, /italic/, and _underlined_ markup. This rendering can be disabled, as well as the replacement of smileys with icons.


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