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Release Notes: This build just fixes a few CSS oddities and adds the ability to use the new theme "Carbo".

Release Notes: This build improves many small things. Handling of Google Mail IMAP accounts was improved in terms of system folders. The display of folder statistics for email, contacts, and bookmarks folders was improved. Mail accounts can now be converted from POP3 to IMAP and vice versa. User permissions can be set to "inherit", which indeed inherits the value from the group's setting. Handling of the HTML editor's toolbar in the mail composition window was improved. Many more things were done.

Release Notes: This build fixes a few minor bugs and adds the ability to share the calendars with external applications that do not support HTTP AUTH (like Google Calendar).

  •  30 Nov 2010 15:11

Release Notes: This build adds a few missing files for the Bookmarks handler. No other things were changed.

Release Notes: This build fixes a few minor bugs in handling IMAP mails, again slightly speeds up IMAP folder sync, adds two new themes and the formerly commercial Bookmarks module to the core. The incompatibility with IE 7 has been fixed, too.

Release Notes: This is mainly a bug fix release. It fixes issues with the thread view when sending HTML mail messages via SMTP and when handling the database update. Additionally, the IDN class has been updated to support the German ligature ß. Users can now state an email address to which fax status information will be sent. The IMAP folder sync should now be slightly quicker.

Release Notes: This build adds a Threaded View to email folders, which works regardless of the folders or mail accounts to which the mail messages belong. The FXL Template class and the IDNA class have been updated and the runonce.php process has been optimized to run much faster now. Editing an event before 1970-1-1 did not work, the permission "See global contacts" did not work. The mail quote in HTML sets a non-breaking space in front, thus preventing bold formatting in CKEditor.

Release Notes: This build massively enhances the functionality of the boilerplates (predefined text snippets). They can now be organized in arbitrarily nested groups. The mail composition window now has a collapsible selection box for the boilerplates, which shows a formatted preview when hovering over an entry. Besides this, a few minor bugs have been fixed.

Release Notes: This release adds the ability to send faxes. Therefore, the relevant configuration options were added to the Config and the user's setup. Some minor bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: Senders can now be whitelisted (on an email or domain basis) for receiving unblocked HTML. This was previously only possible only on a per-mail basis. Checkboxes were added to the email search pane for searching for emails that are unread, answered, forwarded, bounced, colour marked, or have attachments. A few minor bugs were fixed.


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