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Release Notes: This is basically a general overhaul of many core functions, while adding a few new functions such as the ability to point your system folders (Inbox, Sent, etc.) to any folder, or short cuts to access many of the available operations via keyboard.

  •  26 Sep 2006 17:56

Release Notes: This release fixes a problem with the file phlymail/handlers/email/mod.listmail.php which could lead to remote file execution if your server had the PHP ini option register_globals set to "On". Users should update their installations as soon as possible.

  •  16 Aug 2006 07:02

Release Notes: A few templates contained wrong markup, leading to display errors in the contacts manager. This was fixed.

  •  31 Jul 2006 10:28

Release Notes: There were a few issues with the AutoUpdate client, which did not work correctly under some circumstances. These should be fixed.

  •  26 Jul 2006 15:39

Release Notes: There were a few issues with the autoupdate client and some mistakes in the English translation.

Release Notes: Many new features were added, such as support for sSMTP and sPOP3, autoupdate support, mail search, improved IMAP support, many improvements in the frontend, and more.

Release Notes: This build improves the general behaviour and handling of IMAP folders. A few minor bugs have been fixed.

  •  05 Apr 2006 13:40

Release Notes: This build fixes issues with the installation under MySQL 5.0.19 and adds experimental support for inline wordwrap when editing text email messages. It works around the Eolas patent problem in MSIE to play the new email sound.

  •  18 Mar 2006 07:01

Release Notes: This release fixes many Javascript issues and adds experimental support for the X-Image-URL: email header.

Release Notes: This release adds complete support for IMAP (including the filtering rules), color marks for mail messages, improved AJAX and Javascript functions, and many minor bugfixes.


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