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Version 4.02.00 of phlyMail

Release Notes: This build is the final version 4.2; it fixes a bug when saving the archive folder setting for an email account and fixes some minor oddities in the calendar's day view. It improves the calendar's month view by also displaying adjacent days of the previous / next month with their events, so partial weeks at the beginning / end of a month are not just cut off. Since the last beta, no more things were added or fixed.

Other releases

  •  16 Mar 2014 20:56

Release Notes: This releases improves the self-healing of the CronJobs, which should recognize dead processes more reliably. Users shouldn't need to manually intervene anymore. "Reply All" now removes one's own address from CC fields.

Release Notes: This build fixes a nasty error in the installer, which "forgot" to create some system folders for the user. Code has also been added which tries to recreate the missing folders on login, if necessary.

Release Notes: The installer has been fully revamped, giving it a more modern, slim appeal and making it easier to understand. A few minor issues with the configuration interface, the mail list, and fetching external calendars have been fixed. Cronjob scheduling has been improved, with the process limit raised. Both steps should improve Cronjob handling.

Release Notes: Unfortunately, there were still some minor bugs in the previous build; they have been fixed in this one.

Release Notes: This build fixes various issues with typos and the autoload mechanism, and massively improves the behavior when adding a new IMAP account.


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