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PHP Generator of Object SQL Database

PHP Generator of Object SQL Database generates objects from the description of table in an SQL database. Each object map is a table in the SQL database, and has methods to insert, modify, and delete an entry in the database. But they also have methods to show forms, and to get data after an HTTPD post, or a get. They have iterator methods, and call your function for each entry of your request. Some templates help you to write HTML forms. This can help when you change databases, as the API is the same all the time, and you don't have to patch the PHP objects, but just regenerate them.


Recent releases

  •  24 Apr 2002 04:01

    Release Notes: This release contains bugfixes for getprimarykey and some problems related to the paths of generated files. The phpformwizard was added and integrated, and the template format was modified. A temporary file is now used to remember associations between tables and keys, and parsetemplate now generates all values for select boxes.

    •  18 Mar 2002 12:15

      Release Notes: This release adds the possibility to generate files with a user path, and some minor bugfixes.

      •  21 Dec 2001 18:25

        Release Notes: This release adds generation of a class from an SQL request. It automatically finds the data associated with the request, and creates a read-only object for this data. The request can be on more than one table (a join request, for example).

        •  20 Nov 2001 20:00

          Release Notes: The script phpdoc (to make the documentation of the generated class) has been added. The description of the table has been added to select2.php3, so when you choose a table, you can see the description of its fields (name,type, key, default value) in the second step.

          •  19 Oct 2001 12:50

            Release Notes: The Postgres version was heavily modified, particularly the class_bd object and the class_bdtable file. The MySQL version seems to be fine, but the Postgres version still has some bugs.


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