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PGJDBC-NG is an implementation of JDBC for the PostgreSQL server. It aims to support the complete JDBC 4.1. Specifically, it supports the advanced UDT features of JDBC that the mainstream driver lacks. It's implemented using an asynchronous I/O library (Netty), which allows it to support other advanced features like asynchronous notifications.


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  •  24 Nov 2013 23:59

Release Notes: This release includes nearly all JDBC 4.1 features, with the exception of DataSources. Currently all but java.sql.Ref and national language string types are supported properly. This release also includes advanced support for UDT's, including a Java code generator for database types. Nearly all advanced features of JDBC are supported, as well as advanced Postgres features like SSL. Performance considerations have been added, like streaming of large binary streams and removal of all finalizers.

  •  07 Oct 2013 21:11

Release Notes: First public release of stable driver.

  •  19 Jun 2013 20:45

Release Notes: This is the first alpha release for testing supported features. The only major features that have yet to be implemented are updatable ResultSets and CallableStatement. All other features should be handled fairly well.


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