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PgAccess is a Tcl/Tk frontend for PostgreSQL. It allows creation/modification of database, tables, queries, reports, scripts, in a way similar to the Windows-based db client of the same name.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  20 Feb 2004 22:46

    Release Notes: This is the first starpack release: simply download (COPY) and execute (RUN) on Windows and Linux, using pgaccess.exe and pgaccess.bin respectively, with no other dependencies. Use pgaccess.kit starkit on other platforms, or just stick to the tarball. A new database creation wizard, latex help system, at least minimal display of all PostgreSQL objects, Domains and Types handling, a splash screen, some more Forms widgets, a custom BWidget Calendar, barcodes for Reports, and much more were added. Several bugs were also squashed.

    •  21 May 2003 06:16

      Release Notes: A pseudo-table widget was created to make Form-Table binding easier, in addition to providing a better selection of other pre-configured widget bindings helpful for Form design, such as DataSet traversal. Text searching with Ctrl-F was added to the Scripts and Forms code, and some bugs were fixed. Installation was simplified by eliminating problems with pre-compiled shared libraries.

      •  07 May 2003 01:59

        Release Notes: This release adds a pure Tcl-to-PostgreSQL interface, eliminating the need for messy installation of precompiled shared libraries and removing a dependency on tcllib. All you need now is PgAccess, Tcl/Tk, and a PostgreSQL port to connect to. Exporting directly from Queries and Views now works as if they were Tables. Printing is now available from Queries and Visual Queries, along with Scripts. It's also possible to keep your database clear of PgAccess internal tables. Handy keyboard shortcuts have been added and bugs have been fixed.

        •  18 Jan 2003 03:52

          Release Notes: Commandline parameters were added with many options for starting up your own database applications built in PgAccess; for example, never showing the end user anything except your own Forms. Support for copying of more PostgreSQL objects was added by creating the SQL necessary to reproduce them, so they can be packaged as user applications and also copied between mulitple connections. The export wizard was completed, and the import wizard was improved.

          •  16 Dec 2002 23:05

            Release Notes: This release is the first from development CVS since work began on releasing 0.98.8 final a couple of months ago. A debug window, image support, a user group management window, an import wizard, and more form widgets (BWidget Tree and a Subform) were added. Also included are updates to the multiple connections support, and of course, all the bugfixes from the last final release.

            Recent comments

            09 Aug 2002 09:33 umaycmaj

            Re: missing?

            > It looks like is gone.
            > seems to work with the URL
            > paths, though.
            > --Phil

            Development continues at (


            12 Sep 1999 02:02 edelbrp

            It looks like is gone. seems to work with the URL paths, though.



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