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Pfmon is a monitoring tool for Linux/ia64. It make full use of the IA-64 Performance Monitoring Unit (PMU). It can collect simple counts of events or can be used to run sampling sessions. A session can be applied to an unmodified binary or the entire system (UP or SMP). It currently supports the Itanium and Itanium 2 processors. For each, the entire set of model specific features is supported, such as opcode matching, address range restrictions, Event Address Registers (EARS), and the Branch Trace Buffer (BTB). Pfmon is based on the libpfm library.


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  •  06 Jan 2003 16:01

Release Notes: Support for randomized sampling periods, support for monitoring at privilege level 1 and 2, a new --trigger-start-delay option, a new --exclude-idle option, lots of bugfixes and code cleanups, and updated documentation.


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