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Release Notes: This release was updated for compatibility with the latest versions of Term::ReadLine::Gnu and Subversion. A major bug on Darwin/Mac OS X where all shell commands seemed to have failed was fixed. Some minor bugs in job handling and the cd command were fixed. Support for the aufs layered filesystem was added. A <=0> shortcut for referring to a symlink's target was added. <=8> escape handling was improved. Minor feature enhancements were added and documentation was updated.

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug in determining the exit status of some child commands and an unnecessary delay when a Unix c(O)mmand fails. The "Please Wait" message when reading a directory with many entries now displays a counter and is interruptible. A "redescend" command was added ((M)ore - <F2>) to return to the previous directory. Filename escapes can now use a bash-like substitution modifier.

Release Notes: This release fixes bugs in handling background jobs that caused zombie processes, a bug in saving bookmark number 0, bugs expanding the '=7' and '=8' escapes, a bug with starting the editor for editing ACLs, and detection of newer versions on the Web. New features: an option for in-/excluding directories only. The (M)ore-(R)ead and (M)ore-(W)rite commands can now save and load history and bookmarks in a consistent manner. The helper application 'hasacl' helps to detect the presence of ACLs, which are indicated with a '+' on the file mode.

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug with parsing the 'foreground editor' config option, restoring the view when swapping with <F7>, creating new bookmarks, and a couple of small bugs. File comparison information is shown when the user is about to clobber a file. It is possible to switch back from physical to logical pathname mode if the current directory has not changed. Terminal keys can be defined for cycling backwards through color sets and layouts.

Release Notes: This release fixes bugs in the bookmark browser: screen resize, screen refresh, and scrolling with the Ctrl-E and Ctrl-Y keys. New features include a Your-command browser. The Your-command and Bookmark browsers now apply highlighting to the current line and accept number keys. Several MIME types were added to the config file.

Release Notes: This release fixes a crash when the 'defaultcolorset' was undefined, a bug in cursor positioning, and an unnecessary svn error. New features include support for the Mercurial versioning system, a bookmark browser, easy referral to the previous working directory in shell commands, a command line option '-c' to specify the initial colorset to use, and several configuration options to tweak the UI.

Release Notes: This release fixes problems with switching colorsets, keymap selection, history management when the history is empty, incremental find in case-insensitive sort mode, and a few other small bugs. New features include: libreadline completion for Unix commands, filenames, usernames and groupnames; files are added to the swap directory listing when they are copied/moved/linked there; and a 'launchname' option to define launch commands for specific filenames such as 'Makefile'.

  •  17 Nov 2010 16:07

Release Notes: This is a bugfix release. The cursor position and overflow indicators are now correctly updated when the terminal is resized. The Copy, Rename, and Link commands now correctly parse modifiers like "={2%pat}" and show the rcs status of the newly created entry directly. The Include and eXclude commands never automatically select "." and ".." entries any more. pfm now checks at startup if the terminal window has the minimum supported size. An incorrect message about shell command failure has been fixed.

Release Notes: This release fixes updating statuses using the More-Version command, multiple usage of the =8 escape in one commandline, improved performance when displaying rcs status information, scrolling the directory listing in incremental Find, and several other small bugs. New features include a "smart refresh" command that refreshes directory contents but keeps the marks, intercepting paste events when the menu is active, layout fields and sort modes for numeric user and group id, showing the status on svn-ignored files, expansion modifiers like in bash, and support for Haiku and BeOS.

Release Notes: This release fixes: a possible crash when using the -s option; problems in the siZe, Delete, and Link commands; and portability issues and minor screen glitches. New features include: editing ACLs, multilevel sort, a command line option to specify the initial sort mode, configurable mouse wheel speed, support for coloring individual filenames, and automatic updating of the config file.


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