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Personal File Manager

pfm is a terminal-based file manager written in Perl. All pfm commands can be invoked with one- or two-key commands. It features integration with version control systems, use of the ReadLine library for friendly command line editing, support for executing user-defined commands, colored filenames according to extension or type, a single-file and multiple-file mode, and bookmarks for directories.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  09 Apr 2014 23:28

    Release Notes: This release was updated for compatibility with the latest versions of Term::ReadLine::Gnu and Subversion. A major bug on Darwin/Mac OS X where all shell commands seemed to have failed was fixed. Some minor bugs in job handling and the cd command were fixed. Support for the aufs layered filesystem was added. A <=0> shortcut for referring to a symlink's target was added. <=8> escape handling was improved. Minor feature enhancements were added and documentation was updated.

    •  14 Oct 2011 13:09

      Release Notes: This release fixes a bug in determining the exit status of some child commands and an unnecessary delay when a Unix c(O)mmand fails. The "Please Wait" message when reading a directory with many entries now displays a counter and is interruptible. A "redescend" command was added ((M)ore - ) to return to the previous directory. Filename escapes can now use a bash-like substitution modifier.

      •  09 Sep 2011 09:46

        Release Notes: This release fixes bugs in handling background jobs that caused zombie processes, a bug in saving bookmark number 0, bugs expanding the '=7' and '=8' escapes, a bug with starting the editor for editing ACLs, and detection of newer versions on the Web. New features: an option for in-/excluding directories only. The (M)ore-(R)ead and (M)ore-(W)rite commands can now save and load history and bookmarks in a consistent manner. The helper application 'hasacl' helps to detect the presence of ACLs, which are indicated with a '+' on the file mode.

        •  16 Jun 2011 15:14

          Release Notes: This release fixes a bug with parsing the 'foreground editor' config option, restoring the view when swapping with , creating new bookmarks, and a couple of small bugs. File comparison information is shown when the user is about to clobber a file. It is possible to switch back from physical to logical pathname mode if the current directory has not changed. Terminal keys can be defined for cycling backwards through color sets and layouts.

          •  19 Mar 2011 02:04

            Release Notes: This release fixes bugs in the bookmark browser: screen resize, screen refresh, and scrolling with the Ctrl-E and Ctrl-Y keys. New features include a Your-command browser. The Your-command and Bookmark browsers now apply highlighting to the current line and accept number keys. Several MIME types were added to the config file.


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