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  •  22 Apr 2012 12:29

    Release Notes: This release adds a --gravity option for user-defined gravity constants and adds a "total head loss output" line in verbose mode.

    •  27 Nov 2011 22:24

      Release Notes: This release changes printing code so every result line fits into 80 characters. It changes verbose mode printing layout. It adds printing of liquid properties in verbose mode. It adds printing of total pressure loss in verbose mode. It replaces #define statements with const declarations.

      •  05 Aug 2011 08:21

        Release Notes: The man page was corrected. A warning is now given when there are too many columns in the input file. Column layout was fixed. If a value is more than 7 characters in length, it will be converted to scientific notation. When printing to a file, "\n" is changed to "\r\n" for compatibility with some systems. All declarations were moved to main.h. A memory leak in the setliquid() function was fixed. Use of an uninitialized variable (data-> was fixed. The man page was updated.

        •  17 Jul 2011 14:25

          Release Notes: The licensing was upgraded to GPLv3. The word "beta" was removed from the version description. The #define directives for TRUE and FALSE were replaced with an enum construct. Long arguments (GNU-style arguments) were implemented. Some code was cleaned up. The man page was updated. The unused file pfcalcrc was removed from the distribution package.

          •  14 Jul 2011 21:24

            Release Notes: This release implements variation of fluid density with temperature. It changes the liq file format. Every line contains 3 comma-separated values: temperature, density, and viscosity. Built-in water properties have been removed. Now only default values for temperature, density, and viscosity are built in. The water definition has been moved to a liq file. Data structures for fluid representation have been changed. Sorting of values from liq files by temperature has been implemented using qsort.

            •  09 Jul 2011 11:44

              Release Notes: An ODF file was added to the doc folder describing the formulae employed by pfcalc. The file is also distributed in PDF format. The friction factor calculation method was changed for Reynolds numbers in the transient range. The friction factor is now found by linear interpolation between the values corresponding to Reynolds numbers 2300 and 4000. A -e option was added for specifying tolerance of iterative solving of the Colebrook-White equation.


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