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  •  14 Mar 2006 23:47

Release Notes: Support was added for IBM BGL with optimzed Fortran kernels. TOPS solver components were added. PLAPACK and BLOPEX support was added. Support for large files has been added. Support for matrix types MATCSRPERM and MATCRL was added. MatSeqAIJSetPreallocationCSR() and MatGetSubMatrixRaw() were added. MatRealPart and ImaginaryPart were added for AIJ, BAIJ, and SBAIJ matrices. Other specialized functions were added to specific matrix types. Code cleanup was done.

  •  27 Apr 2005 22:52

Release Notes: A Python API has been added. Speedups were made across the board. BLAS function names are now converted to PETSc-style addresses. Many bugfixes and code cleanups were made.


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