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PETSc is a suite of data structures and routines for the scalable (parallel) solution of scientific applications modeled by partial differential equations. It employs the MPI standard for all message-passing communication.


Recent releases

  •  28 Jul 2012 20:31

    Release Notes: This release adds numerous bugfixes.

    •  15 Apr 2012 17:54

      Release Notes: Assorted bugfixes and documentation fixes.

      •  21 Nov 2011 21:55

        Release Notes: This release adds a 2D FFTW parallel interface and support for 3D FFTW. It adds additive Runge-Kutta implicit-explicit methods for multi-rate systems. It adds the functions DAVecGetArrayF90, DMSetUp, DMGetBlockSize, DMDASetGhostedCoordinates, PetscViewerASCIIOpenWithFILE, PetscViewerASCIISetFILE, PetscViewerASCIISynchronizedAllow, and PetscBagSetOptionsPrefix. There are numerous bugfixes.

        •  05 Apr 2011 23:23

          Release Notes: Numerous minor enhancements and bugfixes were made.

          •  05 Feb 2009 00:32

            Release Notes: This release changes the Socket viewer to be the same as the binary viewer except for its creation. It changes the Matlab Socket code to work the same as the Matlab binary reader except for its creation. It has numerous API changes and code acceleration. It encapsulates the configuration sections relating to Matlab for easier exclusion. There are numerous bugfixes.

            Recent comments

            12 Nov 2007 17:15 atoku

            That is exactly what we all need in high performance

            computations. I wish to be in the team of that guys. Everything

            but procedure naming (Hungarian notation sucks) is almost

            perfect. 10.00


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