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02 Apr 2004 23:05 scmason

This is a must for Perl programmers.
I have to say, I am more exited about this piece of software than any I have used in some time. I can write Perl scripts inline without loosing usability from a shell like Bash. All the functions seem to work, you can open file handles and read from them in a Perl manner. It rocks.

14 Dec 1999 04:29 warp

Re: Heavyweight
The perl shell is intended for interactive use, not for scripting. And I guess it's ok to spend a couple of MB for your work shell (the perl shells usually only use 3-4MB anyway on my system)

01 Nov 1999 17:55 shaman

Am I the only one that values lightweight processes and would be more than a bit concerned with shells taking up 8MB apiece? Or is this project headed for a very heavyweight do-it-all shell specifically for admin purposes?


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