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Release Notes: The Perforce server can now log individual file access to an audit logfile. When this is enabled, the server logs every time file content is transfered to a client. The "p4 integrate" command was rewritten, leading to better performance, better recognition of previous integrations (resulting in fewer merges), and better base selection (resulting in simpler merges). The merge algorithm was also rewritten and produces fewer conflicts to resolve, making automatic merging ("p4 resolve -am") more likely to succeed.

Release Notes: This release includes a number of performance related changes, introduces support for external authentication schemes (e.g. LDAP/ActiveDirectory), and adds the many forms of UTF-16 to the list of supported client character sets. The main performance-related changes are: optimization of head revision operations, speedup for the "p4 integrate" command, early release of db.working/db.resolve during sync, server performance tracking, and speedups for workspaces with many opened files.

Release Notes: This version includes performance enhancements to "p4 dirs" and "p4 obliterate", passive btree reorganization, and a new "spec" depot (previously undocumented) that versions metadata objects in the repository. Partial filetypes are now supported (e.g. "+l" instead of "text+l" or "binary+l") both on the command line and, more commonly, in typemaps.

Release Notes: Security levels now documented and supported. Support for mid submit, post submit, and spec-triggers were added. Indirect integration is now the default, and 'p4 integrate' can now be used to select an arbitrary revision as the merge base. A new 'p4 tag' command provided an easy way to add a file to a label.

Release Notes: This release adds internationalization (I18N) and localization (L10N) support to Perforce, allowing files to be stored in Unicode (UTF-8) and translating Unicode files to/from client character sets. There are also performance improvements for large installations (> 1M files), use of depot syntax in "p4 fstat" commands, and "p4 labels [file]". The database page size has been increased from 4K to 8K to improve index efficiency, and a new "MaxScanRows" limit has been added to prevent unauthorized users running huge queries.


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