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Release Notes: Several bugs and typos were fixed, including two crash situations in PennMUSH 1.8.3. It also adds various minor improvements. This patch is highly recommended for all users of the "development" series.

  •  05 Jul 2006 21:57

Release Notes: This release fixes two crash bugs in the server, one in setunion(), which is mortal-exploitable, and one in pcreate().

  •  29 Jun 2006 23:50

Release Notes: This release fixes two crash bugs and introduces some new features, including AAHEAR/AMHEAR attribute flags, improvements to @conformat/@invformat, lwho-like functions that return objids, the stringsecs() function, %i0-%i9 (shortcuts for itext()), and other minor improvements and bugfixes.

Release Notes: The FIXED flag's restriction on home is no longer hard-coded; you must add it to restrict.cnf. The LIGHT flag now overrides DARK consistently; as a consequence, DARK wizards appear in LIGHT rooms. Some of the new features include @lock/take (who may get something from a container; replaces @lock/enter for this purpose), improved @chan/recall and crecall(), speak(), ulambda(), unique(), nextdbref(), and namelist(). There are also many minor improvements and tweaks.

Release Notes: This release updates the regex engine to PCRE 6.4 and removes the old NT_TCP code. Several new features are added including the LOUD flag, DBREFLIST lock key, new and improved functions, and the Many_Attribs power. In addition, a number of bugs are fixed.

  •  30 Jan 2006 12:58

Release Notes: This release fixes a crash bug in the page command, and adds several new features and other minor bugfixes. New features include @list/locks for listing defined locktypes, new 'start' and 'count' @search classes, the nsearch() family of functions, and several other minor improvements to existing functionality. One incompatible change has been introduced: @attrib/access no longer treats one-word flag lists as sets of flag characters, and thus always requires a list of full flag names, for safety.

Release Notes: This release includes several new softcode functions (in particular, access to all channel information from softcode) and a change in the command parser to make it easier to override commands and provide your own custom switches. It also introduces the @prompt/@nsprompt command, which sends a telnet GOAHEAD after a pemitted message (which clients like tf render as a prompt.)

  •  16 Sep 2005 00:56

Release Notes: The 1.8.1p2 release failed to include Configure units for detection of MySQL and other system features. This release fixes Configure.

Release Notes: This release adds several minor improvements and bugfixes, a new sortkey() function, some portability improvements for 64-bit systems, and all of the bugfixes in 1.8.0p7.

Release Notes: Multiple aliases for players were implemented. "home" is now a standard command. The Pueblo_Send power was added to allow the use of unsafe pueblo tags. @mail forwarding is now possible. Extensions to functions include setq/setr, center, attrib_set, extract, lsearch, alias/fullalias, and flip/reverse. The "localize" function restriction for @functions was added. %+ substitution returns the number of arguments to a function. @hook/list, @invformat, and several other minor changes were made.


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