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  •  10 Apr 2010 18:47

Release Notes: This version brings many fixes, updates, and usability improvements. In the extraction interface, if partial extraction was selected, a link to switch to the archive's full extraction is now featured.

  •  05 Jan 2010 14:54

Release Notes: The file manager was improved. The FreeArc and UPX backend binaries were updated.

  •  06 Nov 2009 15:04

Release Notes: This release adds a more user-friendly archive/file browser with easier file selection, custom icons for most common file types, memory of the sorting column and sorting order, etc. In the extraction interface, it is now possible to set a default extraction path, and "extract to new folder" is now remembered as an option of the Extract action rather than a separate action. The Extract button, within an archive, extracts the selected object. If nothing is selected, it extracts all displayed objects (like WinRar/7-Zip). In the archiving interface, there's now a "Convert existing archives" option to extract existing archives before the compression stage.


Project Spotlight


A utility that converts an ICC profile from v2 to v4.


Project Spotlight


A Web-based calendar written in PHP/SQL.