Comments for PHP Backup Maker

04 Aug 2004 05:58 wfmh

Re: Support for withdrawn options?
Fixed in CVS anyway ;)

02 Aug 2004 01:37 wfmh

Re: Support for withdrawn options?
Why didn't you just fill a bug report on that issue on project's bugtracker?

02 Aug 2004 01:31 schily

Support for withdrawn options?
It is bad to see that the project added "support"

for mkisofs options that did never work correctly

and have been documented completely wrong by

the original author Eric Youngdale?

-volset-size has been limited to be no more

than 1 in order to make mkisofs ISO-9660

compliant on July 17th. This is 17 days ago....

A problem like this could have been avoided by

checking recent cdrtools announcements.


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