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01 Aug 2006 06:14 scls19fr

Using > |

I wonder why your script don't use the Unix tube (and /dev/stdout and >)

It could be a good idea because each script could act as a filter.

That's the case of psutils... so why not with PDFJam.

Have a look at

psselect -p1,1 | psnup -n 2 >

it makes a file called that contain the first page of and which is reproduced 2 times on the same sheet of paper.

Making a .ps booklet also use Unix tube

psbook | psnup -2 -pa4 >

Using tubes simplify such works.

Maybe you should add a hack such as using --outfile=/dev/stdout


01 Aug 2006 05:54 scls19fr

Re: PDFReflect
For using pdfreflect try
./pdfreflect pdfpages.pdf
You will have a file called pdfpages-reflected.pdf

The pdfpages script is also done. It allows us to give any optional parameters to \includepdf[...]{myfile.pdf}.

Maybe some things need to be done (for example when there is no --do argument)... but I'm not kind at shell scripting...

Try this :

./pdfpages --do pages=-,reflect pdfpages.pdf

you will have a file called pdfpages-new.pdf

It has the same effect as pdfreflect script... but you can do more things... using the pdfpages package doc at

You can download the script at :

Sorry for the man pages... I don't know how to make them...


Sebastien CELLES

01 Aug 2006 05:21 scls19fr


I'm a Physic teacher and I sometimes use slides (a sheet of

transparent paper with overhead projector)

This kind of paper has generally two kind of side.

- a rough side (for print)

- a smooth side (for write with a pen)

I you want to use it like that you need to print your slide with a

miror (reflect) effect

Therefore I use your pdf90 script and adapt it to become a pdfreflect


I think that could be a good idea to add it in PDFJam.

Of course it is released under the licence you want ;-) GNU GPL is a

good think for me !!

I will also consider making a pdfpages script that will be able to

send other parameters [...] to the LaTeX \includepdf command

so it will provide an easy way to support any option of the pdfpages


Sorry for using comments but your mail adress seems not to be active...


17 Mar 2006 20:23 paagol

These scripts are really very nice-working and effective. I actually wanted to thank the developer that it is working so good on every type of pdfs in both Western and Indic fonts and all. But saw that site is not working. The only problem is that, the name of the project is pdfjam, and hence the installer should install a manual page on the very name 'pdfjam', even if it just has the names of the scripts to search like 'pdfnup', 'pdf90' and so on.


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