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PDFedit is a scriptable PDF editor implemented in C++. It uses XPDF for low-level PDF manipulation. It uses Qt3 for user interface and QSA (Qt Script for Applications) for scripting. Plugins can be used.

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  •  03 May 2012 21:31

    Release Notes: This release fixes one potential regression caused by xpdf code base refactoring. It fixes a long term bug where PDFedit could create an invalid PDF if a new object had been added under certain conditions. It fixes an issue when some characters changed unexpectedly in some documents (e.g. created by OpenOffice) after any change had been made to the page.

    •  28 Sep 2009 17:59

      Release Notes: The xpdf codebase was updated to 3.02pl3 patch, which fixes several serious remote vulnerabilities. A fix for a Secunia advisory has been backported from poppler, and several other bugs have been fixed. A flattener class was implemented.

      No changes have been submitted for this release.


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