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PDC is a desktop calculator in the 'bc' style with features designed for programmers. It does not support floating point math, but does provide all the C operators (logical, bitwise, shifts, etc.) and implements ISO C operator precedence. Additionally, functions are available to assist with 'bit bashing' tasks such as byte swapping and bit scanning.

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  •  17 Jan 2005 13:30

Release Notes: This release adds mssb and dxb (decimal, hex, and binary output) functions, modifies ASCII to neatly handle non-printable characters, and squashes a few bugs.

  •  11 May 2004 08:47

Release Notes: The comma operator is allowed to be used as a (non-printing) separator, and the command line expression support was fixed to be a little less brain dead. Support was added for many more operators, and a few lexer bugs were fixed.

  •  01 May 2004 06:51

Release Notes: This release adds readline (commandline history) support and support for evaluating arguments, updates the help messages to document the same, and fixes a minor ANSI C conformance issue.

  •  19 Aug 2003 14:20

Release Notes: A new function, bitfield, has been added to assist with decomposing bit-packed structures, and the rather awkward decompose function (which lists set bits) has been aliased to the much more keyboard-friendly bits command. Additionally, some of the internals have been tidied up to improve extensibility.

  •  12 Oct 2002 17:54

Release Notes: This release contains a small number of extra features. There are two new built in functions: ascii and decompose. The function system has been altered such that the previous answer is the default argument to functions, which makes working with PDC much easier. Support for C style character constants was added.


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