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PCSpk is a set of command line applications for playing simple sounds and melodies using the PC speaker. It is inspired by Johnathan Nightingale's beep.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  23 Nov 2008 15:09

    Release Notes: Portability issues were fixed, so installation and use on *BSD is less problematic now. All examples were moved to one script (no more cluttering the bin directory). The code has been improved, and compiler warnings fixed. Case-sensitivity was removed from the Siemens ringtone converter. A new example is included: one of Ennio Morricone's famous themes.

    •  18 May 2008 11:11

      Release Notes: Free play mode was added, which introduces interactive playing on a keyboard. Therefore, the protocol has slightly changed and it's not compatible with old versions. The Siemens ringtone converter was improved by adding bpm and octave recognition from comments in provided files.

      •  18 Mar 2007 08:29

        Release Notes: Support for DragonFly/FreeBSD/NetBSD/OpenBSD was added. A Siemens ringtone converter (gawk script) and an example for it are now available.

        •  24 Sep 2005 12:55

          Release Notes: Johnathan Nathingale's play_beep function from beep.c has, after small modifications, been integrated into pcspkd, so there's no more need for beep to be installed. Better configuration has been added ("normal" commandline options handling and via files). The useless freq2beep and note2beep have been removed (equivalents to "pcspk" and "pcspk -n"). A new music example has been added: Takako Minekawa's Fantastic Cat (beginning).

          •  26 Jul 2005 17:32

            Release Notes: Netcat has been replaced by PC-Speaker Server (pcspkd) to listen for connections from PC-Speaker Client (pcspk) with the functionality of old the note2beep and freq2beep applications. note2beep and freq2beep are now only front-ends for pcspk.


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