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Release Notes: There have been performance improvements for classes containing non-ASCII characters, and the "auto-possessification" feature has been extended. Other minor improvements have been implemented, and bugs fixed. There is a new callout feature to enable applications to do detailed stack checks at compile time, to avoid running out of stack for deeply-nested parentheses. The JIT compiler has been extended with experimental support for ARM-64, MIPS-64, and PPC-LE.

Release Notes: Performance has been improved by extending the "auto-possessification" feature. Backreferences to named subpatterns now check all with the same name; this and other changes improve compatibility with Perl. A number of bugs have been mended.

Release Notes: Support for 32-bit characters strings and UTF-32 has been added. Unicode compatibility has been improved for \X (it now matches extended grapheme clusters) and for characters such as Greek sigma that have more than one "other case". The Unicode tables are updated to 6.2.0. Matching using the JIT compiler has been sped up in some cases. There are some extensions to pcregrep and, as always, bugs have been fixed.

  •  19 Jun 2007 07:56

Release Notes: Some more features from Perl 5.10 have been added. A few bugs were fixed. A couple of performance enhancing refactorings were done.

  •  19 Dec 2006 03:21

Release Notes: As well as a number of bugfixes, there has been a major refactoring of the compiling code, which makes it easier to add new features, including some new optimizations. A QuoteMeta function has been added to the C++ wrapper. There is now a mode in which all Unicode newline sequences are recognized. Support for the Perl 5.10 syntax for features that were previously in PCRE but not in Perl (named groups, possessive quantifiers) has been added.

  •  15 Aug 2001 15:16

Release Notes: This release tidies up the building process, removes the limit on the number of capturing parens, and adds -r and -f to the pcregrep utility.


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