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Pcopy is intended to be used when doing large disk(partition) to disk(partition) copying where dd is just too slow (and error prone).

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  02 Dec 2003 19:28

    Release Notes: This release will only print status updates every 5 seconds. It uses a rotating "propeller" as a progress indicator, has a "-s" flag for silent mode, and contains a "disktest" script for doing streaming read-only testing of multiple disks concurrently.

    •  09 Sep 2001 22:50

      Release Notes: Support for 64 bit systems has been added.

      Recent comments

      13 Sep 2001 15:53 pen

      Re: Curious

      > How is pcopy better than, say, cp -a?
      > Or rsync?
      > -Peter

      It isn't similar at all. cp and rsync copies files
      and directories one by one - whereas pcopy
      moves whole disks, partitions and filesystems
      in one big chunk.

      09 Sep 2001 23:52 phutnick

      How is pcopy better than, say, cp -a? Or rsync?



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