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Release Notes: This release adds support for HP-UX style shared library loading, native Solaris threads, a SQL logging plugin, a message digest/crypto library, and many other features that were missing before. The transparent net I/O library has been rewritten including plugins for file, http, and ftp. To improve portability, configure checks have been redone and all system dependant code has been moved into separate source files.

  •  11 Aug 2003 10:11

Release Notes: This release fixes many important bugs (mostly for Win32) and portability issues. Some new features and a platforms status document have also been added.

  •  16 Jul 2003 08:41

Release Notes: This release adds many bugfixes and portability fixes and a SQL library with driver plugins.

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A graphical frontend for the Cuneiform OCR tool.


Project Spotlight


A language that adds classes, methods, and other object oriented features to C.