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PBButtons is a daemon to handle special hardware on laptops such as Apple PowerBooks and MacBooks. It controls the display brightness, the sound volume, mutes the sound, changes the trackpad mode, puts the machine to sleep, or ejects the CDROM on command. It also provides basic power management features. An included client gives the user visual feedback about all actions with nice little popup windows.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  28 Jul 2007 22:03

    Release Notes: This release fixes a small bug in pbbuttonsd's scripts. The ambiguous hdparm option "-p" was removed. This option has bad side effects and anyway was not necessary because the kernel controls IDE drives very efficiently.

    •  08 Jul 2007 07:21

      Release Notes: This release fixes some minor bugs. PBButtonsd is again able to read the trackpad configuration from the configuration file. Some patches from Ubuntu were merged in.

      •  11 Feb 2007 13:22

        Release Notes: This release adds support for Apple's MacBooks and MacBook Pros. This includes support for LCD and keyboard backlight control, ambient light sensor with automatic brightness adjustment, and basic ACPI support. Furthermore, the automatic brightness controller was replaced by a new one. The new model results in a more precise brightness adjustment and is easier and more flexible to configure. This release uses a new configuration file which is called pbbuttonsd.cnf and follows a standard format from A whole bunch of bugs were fixed.

        •  17 Jan 2007 22:55

          Release Notes: This is the release candidate one for the upcoming pbbuttonsd version 0.8.0. It includes support for the new Intel-base Apple MacBooks and MacBook Pros. LCD and keyboard backlight control, ambient light sensor with automatic brightness adjustment, and basic ACPI support should work. The new configuration file follows a standard from It is very similar to the old one, but the file handling is completely done by glib now. The configuration file has been renamed to pbbuttonsd.cnf. A few small bugfixes complete this release.

          •  01 Oct 2006 19:33

            Release Notes: This release has support for the new SysFS backlight interface introduced with kernel 2.6.18. In this context, parts of the client API were redesigned. Brightness values are transmitted as a percentage now rather than in device-dependent units. The fading mechanism was redesigned to become device independent. See the Changelog and manual pages for full details. Client programmers should adapt their programs as soon as possible. Please have also a look at the chapter "Kernel Configuration" in the man page.


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