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Release Notes: This release fixes Debian support, error handling, git support, and more.

  •  27 May 2011 12:32

Release Notes: Most notably, this version adds signature support and various smaller fixes.

  •  13 Mar 2011 10:07

    Release Notes: Some small annoying bugs that were left in 0.11.1 have been resolved now (in particular around repo management), and nearly the whole spectrum of features has been extensively tested, so this version should be a good one to use for a long time. The documentation is also up to date, particularly Lab, pres, and man pages from the Web site.

    Release Notes: Major changes were made in this version, which again requires an update of VM/VE/RM embedded pb to work correctly. Support was added for remote machines, so pb can now be used in a build farm context very easily. Bugs were fixed regarding parallelism build issues, additional sources and patch support, and ebuild generation. Security was improved with sudo restrictions. Internal structure management was improved with the introduction of $pbos.

    Release Notes: This version is not backward compatible. It is highly recommended to update your VMs/VEs with the setupvm|ve command. The cms2* commands now take the content of the CMS/VCS and not the sandbox status. For the previous behaviour, the sbx2* commands can be used instead. Parallelism is now supported during the sbx|cms2build and sbx|cms|build2vm|ve phases, which reduces build time for packages. This requires that the Parallel::ForkManager Perl module be installed.

    Release Notes: rpmbootstrap was introduced. Bugs were fixed. debootstrap support was added. The documentation was improved. The Web site was created.

    •  11 Apr 2010 18:22

    Release Notes: This release adds support for Fedora 12, Mandriva 2010.0, OpenSuSE 11.2, and Ubuntu 9.10. It improves Debian support. It adds a Solaris port, Solaris build files, and generation of a Solaris build file skeleton. It externalizes in /etc/pb/pb.conf all distribution-dependent information that was formerly in It forces one to always build for the local distribution by default. It creates a ~/.pbrc as a template if no previous one was there.

    •  26 Aug 2009 18:05

      Release Notes: A new preliminary test infrastructure is in place. SVK support, proxy support, and Asianux support have been added. There are multiple bugfixes.

      •  28 Apr 2009 00:33

        Release Notes: Support VE (rinse), Adds KVM support, GIT support, SOCKS support, Additional repository on the fly

        •  12 Feb 2009 01:31

        Release Notes: Debian packages are available. Support has been added for specific naming conventions such as Perl modules. By default, original tar files obtained via HTTP or FTP are preserved to allow for checksum consistency. The CVS export function has been fixed to also use tags passed in param. Support has been added for Website delivery.


        Project Spotlight


        A simple lock manager.


        Project Spotlight

        GNU recutils

        A set of tools and libraries to access human-editable text-based databases called recfiles.