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PaulStretch is a program for stretching audio data. It is suitable only for extreme sound stretching (like 50 times) and for applying special effects by "spectral smoothing" the sounds. It can transform any sound or music to a texture. It features real-time playback capabilities.

Operating Systems

RSS Recent releases

  •  08 Mar 2011 10:41

    Release Notes: Onset detection, preserving of the tonal part, and other features were added. A command-line Python implementation of the Paulstretch algorithm is also available.

    •  10 Feb 2011 22:00

    Release Notes: This release adds saving/loading of parameters, Linux JACK support, longer stretches, bugfixes, and other small enhancements.

    •  24 Apr 2009 23:57

    Release Notes: This release adds free envelopes, time-variable stretching, arbitrary filtering, binaural beats, and a frequency spreader.

    •  05 Sep 2006 14:15

    Release Notes: Input MP3 support, added effects, and other improvements.

    Release Notes: Realtime playback capabilities were added. The stretch algorithm was improved. The GUI was changed.


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