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  •  27 May 2012 01:15

Release Notes: This release has no API changes compared to previous versions. Instead, it focuses on improving the documentation. As such, all identifiers in the library are documented now. Check out the online API Reference.

  •  13 May 2012 20:31

    Release Notes: Besides some bugfixes, this release includes some extensions to the library API that allow greater control over the creatures in the game. Also, the example game now features a demonstration of how to create a "chain" of creatures.

    •  11 May 2012 19:45

      Release Notes: This release contains only minor changes to the API to fix numerous compiler warnings.

      •  10 May 2012 00:39

        Release Notes: This release adds some new features to the public API of the library and includes some bugfixes. The example game has been extended to show a broader range of features.

        •  04 May 2012 22:16

        Release Notes: This version adds built-in support for beam weapons. Some interfaces as well as the internal architecture of the example game have been tidied up.

        •  28 Apr 2012 19:34

        Release Notes: This preview release shows most of the features of this framework and includes an example game.


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