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  •  27 Nov 2001 12:58

Release Notes: Support for patches created using interdiff and combinediff.

Release Notes: Small enhancements for rediff and two new tools (lsdiff and splitdiff) were added.

Release Notes: A new tool called combinediff has been added, and the test suite has been enhanced.

Release Notes: Substantial speed improvements for interdiff and a new tool (rediff) for correcting hand-edited patches were added.

Release Notes: There is now an option for ignoring whitespace in interdiff.

Release Notes: A tiny perl script for fixing cvs diff results and minor clean-ups added.

Release Notes: Some code cleanups.

Release Notes: Support for decompressing patches (by popular demand).

  •  21 Sep 2001 06:07

Release Notes: Minor build fixes.

Release Notes: Interdiff and extractdiff have been merged into patchutils, which now uses autoconf.


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