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Release Notes: In this release, some minor bugs were fixed, a new option (--no-revert-omitted) was added to interdiff, and two new options (--strip and --addprefix) were added to filterdiff, lsdiff, and grepdiff.

Release Notes: In this release, filterdiff, lsdiff and grepdiff now understand context diff format, and several rediff bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: Interdiff and filterdiff were fixed to handle filenames with spaces in them. A new tool, grepdiff, was added.

Release Notes: A new option for showing added and removed files was added to lsdiff, and some portability fixes were made.

Release Notes: Small enhancements for rediff and two new tools (lsdiff and splitdiff) were added.

Release Notes: There is now an option for ignoring whitespace in interdiff.

Release Notes: A tiny perl script for fixing cvs diff results and minor clean-ups added.

Release Notes: Some code cleanups.

Release Notes: Support for decompressing patches (by popular demand).

Release Notes: Interdiff and extractdiff have been merged into patchutils, which now uses autoconf.


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An application for tagging your files and navigating them as a virtual filesystem.


Project Spotlight


A Qt-based multimedia player.