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Release Notes: An "official" and documented way to build and install all components but the PAM module on systems without PAM has been introduced. The "personal login information" check has been enhanced to consider the user's home directory path and name (in addition to the username and full name). The code has been made more portable. The license has been relaxed.

  •  12 Feb 2008 22:39

Release Notes: The separator characters (used for randomly generated "passphrases") have been replaced with some of those defined by RFC 3986 as being safe within the "userinfo" part of URLs without encoding. The default minimum length for passphrases has been reduced from 12 to 11 characters. Corrections to the documentation have been made.

  •  02 Nov 2003 16:07

Release Notes: The module will now assume invocation by root only if both the UID is 0 and the PAM service name is "passwd". This should fix changing expired passwords on Solaris and HP-UX and make "enforce=users" safe. The proper English explanations of requirements for strong passwords will now be generated for a wider variety of possible settings.

  •  13 Sep 2002 16:08

Release Notes: Improved HP-UX support.

  •  31 Jul 2002 00:10

Release Notes: Support for HP-UX 11 and a pam_passwdqc(8) manual page have been added.

  •  16 Apr 2002 16:46

Release Notes: Preliminary OpenPAM (FreeBSD-current) support in the code and related code cleanups.

  •  03 Nov 2001 21:26

Release Notes: Two options needed for stacking with Sun's pam_unix on Solaris, platform-specific instructions (currently for Linux and Solaris), and an ability to stack more than one instance of the module.


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