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Pasdoc is a tool to generate documentation for Pascal unit files. Descriptions are taken from comments in the interface section of the units' source code or from external files. Supported output formats are HTML and LaTeX. Command line and GUI versions are available.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  14 Jul 2013 20:57

    Release Notes: Declarations nested inside classes (of other types, classes, constans, and such) are now handled. HelpInsight comments are supported. Delphi attributes are parsed. The "final" standard directive and "deprecated", "platform", and "library" directives for properties are now understood. Tipue search has been upgraded to the latest Tipue version. HTML output has been changed, and no longer uses , making links and bookmarks work naturally. The Mac OS X version includes now the GUI. Many other small fixes and improvements have been added.

    •  03 Nov 2010 15:44

      Release Notes: Handling of files that start with the UTF-8 BOM is fixed. Some new features of the Delphi compilers are parsed: Delphi operator overloads, anonymous methods, and class and record helpers. Incompatible cache files are nicely detected.

      •  01 Nov 2010 04:00

        Release Notes: The GUI version has been greatly improved. Class hierarchy diagrams are more complete. Processing speed is better on some platforms. The --ignore-leading= option was implemented. Compilation with Delphi Unicode is now supported. Many new or updated translations were added.

        •  25 Jun 2008 12:00

          Release Notes: New @image and @include tags are implemented. A new output format is available: simplexml. The --auto-link-exclude option was added. Fixes were made to Delphi 2006 syntax parsing. Various GUI improvements were done, like the "Display Comments" tab to display a comments tree and the "Store relative paths" option. The code was ported to Mac OS X (Darwin)/i386 and Linux/x86_64.

          •  30 Nov 2005 22:49

            Release Notes: Changes include new command-line options (--auto-link, --implicit-visibility, --no-macro), new tags (@bold, @italic, @seealso, @preformatted, many tags to layout lists and tables, and more), proper rules to get n/m-dashes in the output, FPC macro parsing, back-comments, and many improvements to pasdoc_gui.


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