Version 3.4.2 of Parrot and Chirp

Release Notes: Parrot now supports the faccessat system call. It has a new daemon option for chirp_server and catalog_server. There is a new FUSE mount option support for chirp_fuse. New support for CVMFS filesystem in Parrot.

    Other releases

    •  29 Jul 2013 22:54

    Release Notes: Support for a search system call has been added. Search allows for finding files in a number of directories with a shell pattern. See parrot_search for more information. There are several bugfixes for cvmfs support.

    •  19 Feb 2013 00:07

    Release Notes: File extended attributes are now supported.

    •  12 Feb 2013 02:24

    Release Notes: Parrot watchdog now properly honors minimum wait time. Parrot now reports the logical executable name for /proc/self/exe instead of the physical name.

    •  03 Nov 2012 07:26

      Release Notes: The Chirp server -b option is now documented in the man/-h page.

      •  19 Sep 2012 21:55

      Release Notes: Parrot now supports file extended attributes, more efficient iRODS getfile/putfile operations, and watchdog process management.


      Project Spotlight

      MUltihost SSH Wrapper

      Broadcasts commands over SSH to multiple hosts.


      Project Spotlight


      A modern C++ FIX framework featuring complete schema customisation, high performance, and fast development.